Additional Services


If you like, and we recommend it, especially for first-time customers and big orders, BooksByBookends can can make one preliminary copy of your book and send it to you for a proof. This requires only a modest shipping and handling fee (depending on whether it’s sent USPS, UPS or FedEx) when you place and pay for your order — usually $20-$30. You get the proof and suggest any changes. If the changes are minor or are corrections to our formatting, there won’t be an additional charge. But if you want a lot of changes, particularly in editing your mistakes in the text you submitted, there may be additional formatting charges.


Formatting from $50
If you’re happy with your manuscript and want it published “as is,” it still needs to be formatted for the InstaBook machine. You are welcome to do the formatting yourself. You can download CutePDF Writer, a freeware program, from to convert your manuscript to a PDF. Follow our specs, under How to Submit Your Book. Or we can take your disk and charge you according to the length of the manuscript.

Cover design from $50
If you provide an adequate digital image of a cover, or we adapt one of our many ready-made cover designs for you, there is no charge for cover design. If we have to make substantial design changes beyond our cover templates – scanning in photos or other art, for example, or following your instructions to create a custom cover – charges will begin at $50. If you want a more elaborate individualized design, we can recommend a local graphics designer who will meet with you; the result will be a quality, customized design, but the designer’s fee will likely be considerably more than the cost of one of our cut-and-paste cover templates.


Copyright registration from $100
Your book is automatically copyrighted when you write it, but registration with the federal government provides additional protection and greater monetary damages if your work is misappropriated and you sue the infringer. You can register your copyright yourself (information is at, or we can do it for you.

ISBN Numbers from $100
You may want to obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), the 10-digit identification, including bar code, that booksellers and libraries use to order, stock and sell books and other media. You can do this yourself (information is available at or we can do this for you for $100. We can incorporate the ISBN bar code on the back cover of your book. This service includes application for an Advance Book Information (ABI ) form, which allows your book to be included in Books in Print, the industry directory used by distributors, wholesalers, and bookstores to order copies of books.


BooksByBookends will sell our book online and in our store, and we can put you in touch with a colleague who provides wider online and national bookstore distribution and marketing for a very reasonable fee. For more, go to the Selling Your Book link on this site.


We’re experimenting, on a limited basis, with offering public relations help to BooksByBookends authors who want help designing their own news releases about their books, and sending them to their local or specialized media. If you’re interested, send a note to Pamela at .

We’re also offering some nice things you can give away or send to people to promote and publicize your book, including bookmarks (30 for $10) and postcards (40 for $30) that carry the cover of your book. You can have a description of your book on the back of the postcards, or they can be set up to use for mailing.

And a big add-on: we’re offering our authors a page off our Web site. If you want to have your own page on the Internet, we’ll design it for you, with an image of the cover of your book, an author photo, a description of the book, an author bio, and blurbs if you have them. We’re charging $150 for the first year, including setup, and $100 a year thereafter. Contact Pamela at


Copy editing from $150
A professional editor will fix the nagging little mistakes in your manuscript – spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, style, continuity. Your writing won’t be changed, but it will be cleaned up to get rid of embarrassing little mistakes.

Line editing from $250
Besides copy editing, the editor will critique your manuscript for content and storytelling, and make suggestions for rewriting and reorganizing to tell the story more smoothly and more effectively.

Publishing consulting from $200
Does your book have a future with a commercial publisher? With an academic press? Should you look for an agent? An experienced publishing professional will evaluate your manuscript, offer an assessment of its appeal to publishing houses, and suggest a menu of alternatives for improving the manuscript and/or marketing it to agents and editors.