You walk in and hand us your manuscript on a disk (or e-mail it to us), and we print it on site, on the spot, and give you back a book – a trade paperback, perfect-bound, just like the books on the shelves of the store, with a cover of your own design.

Or you come in and pick a title from our list of classic books – Twain, Dickens, Shakespeare and many more – and we’ll print it for you within a day or two, and maybe within an hour or two.

BooksByBookends is an extraordinary new self-publishing venture that allows anyone to get a book in print within days, and sometimes within hours. Bookends is the first book store in America to take advantage of this new cutting-edge technology: we offer a remarkable print-on-demand service that allows you to self-publish your book much faster and less expensively than ever before.

Prices begin at $150 for the first 10 copies of your book (more for books longer than 250 pages) and go down after that: $100 for the next 10 copies, and $75 for every 10 copies thereafter.

Manuscripts must be digital and properly formatted, but we will help you format your manuscript and show you how to submit your book for publication at BooksByBookends. And we will help you with selling your books at Bookends, and on the Web, for higher royalty rates.

Additional Services can help you design your cover, edit your book, register your copyright, and obtain your ISBN and Library of Congress numbers. For more on what we can and cannot do, click on Frequently Asked Questions at left.

Besides printing your own book, we can print many classic books that are in the public domain. Would you like a copy of Tom Sawyer that is less expensive than the commercially-printed edition on the shelves? Would you like a copy of A Tale of Two Cities with your name on the cover?

Are you a teacher or a member of a book club or a school superintendent who would like to save money by having us print copies of classic books for you or your students? See the List of Classics we can print.

Who is BooksByBookends for?

  • First-time authors who want to get their books in print.
  • Professional writers re-publishing out-of-print book s.
  • Nonfiction authors who want their proposals to be bound like books.
  • Novelists who want their manuscripts bound to show agents and editors.
  • Professors and teachers who want their course materials in a single volume.
  • Companies and institutions that want their handbooks in book form.
  • Graduate students who want their theses to look professional.
  • Family historians who want a book for relatives, and for posterity.
  • Journal-keepers and memoir writers who want their recollections preserved.
  • Cooks who want to compile their recipes in their own personal books.
  • Anybody who wants to publish a book for any reason.